AVIT-C23 - pixels want to be trusted!

After a successful interconnection of the VJ scene with the annual hacker conference Chaos Communication Congress in the last years, the international visualist gathering will take place in Berlin again at this years 23c3 event in late december.

The last AViT meetings in collaboration with the CCC have been proven to be a great source of inspiration to both sides with the OpenAirVIT in 2003 at the Chaos Communication Camp near Berlin, the AVIT^c3 in 2004 and the cooperation of the new born local video artists association VC Visual Berlin e.V. last year.

Staged at the center point of the Art & Beauty exhibits hall and with access to the conference and workshop rooms AVIT will be producing a programme drawn from the vj community’s input - such as showcases, vj to vj talks, technique and technology sessions, experimental labs and open screen collaborative VJ jam sessions.

This year’s AVIT→C23 will be hosted and coordinated by VC VisualBerlin in cooperation with the AVITUK crew and the Chaos Computer Club.

VC VisualBerlin e.V. is a community of video artists and VJs from Berlin, who get involved with cooperative projects and mutual exchange of knowledge and experience with the regional and international visualist scene and who deal with the technological and cultural aspects of their art.

Call for Participation

AVIT→C23 will be a VJ community driven event made by and for the international audiovisualist scene. It will be defined by what the visual artists have to offer each other. If you think you want to hold a talk, have a special offer for workshops, be part of a discussion round or just want to showcase your art or take part in a visual jam session - we need your vision for involvement in electronic written form or regular mail by 1st of November 2006. We are open for all possibilities and ideas.

The speeches are bound to a maximum of one hour and are to be held in english. The workshops can be as long as two hours. The length of the showcases will depend on numerous factors. There are the “normal” showcases if you just want to show your current work to an interested audience. This will happen in the Art and Beauty Area and the C-Base close to the Conference venue. Since the 23C3 is supposed to be really stuffed with hacking related lectures and workshop, it is not quite clear yet how much time and space there will be available for our AVIT→C23 event. But please tell us if you want to be part of this event, so we know how much spacetime to capture in order to organize and plan AVIT→C23 to make it a great happening…

If you just want to come along to learn or jam together with other attending visual artists, or if you want to help us, please drop us a line of your intention and personal interests so we can measure demand better and adjust the offers and timings.

All inquiries and proposals are to be sent by email to avitc23@visualberlin.org or by regular snailmail to

Lottumstr. 26
D-10119 Berlin