Avi Synth Patch


I tried the Avisynth patch from electromeier. it works great, the video blends smooth over the big textures in 1280x720 px(60 frames). no load delay with the frame server.

When I switch the render size to 1680x1050 the frame rate slows down to awfully 1 frame/sec.

any suggestion?

Render size must be equal video texture size for optimal perfomance.

Thought I’d include this here as its AVS related!
First off, its great! I’ve been wanting to switch avi’s this quickly since video was first introduced to vvvv! ( I feel a new Awkward-o-Tron coming!)
But of course the second thing I do after geting it going is try and load a lot of movies, well just 1 folder of 100 for now…
Load times are long (about 40secs for 100)! This happens on start and when going fullscreen, I’m still wishing for being able to access any of thousands on avi’s this quickly!
First thoughts of a workaround is to virtual dub the avs into 1 avi, and keep the in and outs from the avs duration file, but ideally I’d like to be able to keep them seperate, I’ve got hundereds of GB’s of the them!
Is this loading just part and parcel of avs, that it has go and check each file, or does it load the first frames of all the movies?
Any thoughts or crazy ideas of ways to make this faster?


CPU seems higher as well, I think its definatly preloading as memory usage soars!
Ok answered some things myself, just installed ffdshow and got a lot of icons in the tray, so avs preloads the start of all the movies…

Just tried 2 file streams of my avs and AVS reported that it ran out of memory :(
Is there any way (wishlist time:) )that vvvv could not rebuild a graph on every file change, an option maybe (I understand that if codecs change dimensions etc it wont work) is this even feasible?

PIC Mjpeg… no text …