Avi parser

Does the avi parser store the thumbnails in system memory or gfx card memory?
Also has any work been done on the file stream node re multi stream performance? It seems to choke a bit, could be disk access, going to try and sort out a raid0 but it does seem to be a bit random if you run debug and watch the clicks.



avi parsers textures are placed in D3DPOOL_MANAGED which means that they are both in system memory and graphics-card memory (when they are needed there). this may sound a bit awkward but is the directx-way to deal with such kinds of textures. why are you asking?

what you mean with choking? we have currently an installation running that plays up to 8 mp2 videos in parallel without any stutter. from a raid disk however. maybe that is really the trick.

make sure your files all have the same framerate and “waitforframe” is set to a high value. on the VideoTexture node.

What are the hardware specs of that system? 8 streams is very impressive!
The chocking is filestream/video textures ticking over at 30-40 ticks then suddenly rocketing to several hundred, then back to 30-40. WHat is the best value for wait for? I tend to set it to 30 or 40.


i could find out exactly if you want but basically it is a 3.4ghz processor with hyperthreading and an nvidia 6800 pci-express card. videos are black and white (which makes them rather lightwight) pal-resolution and encoded with variable bitrate to mp2.
the raid system is based on two harddisks with 7200U/min each.

hmm. the chocking…the new .exe has a new videotexture (VMR9) have you tried this one already? could make a difference. waitforframe is not so easy to explain in my hurry. isn’t it documented yet anywhere in a faq? if not. later more.