Avi.parser problem with lots of video files

hello everybody,

i´m not sure if this is really a bug, but- let´s see…

i got a grid with quite a lot of avi-previews (240), rendered into textures by the very handy avi-parser. each on one quad.

these files are small and 320x240 (some 640).

now, near the half of the quads are white, the rest shows the correct video previews…

this is no codec problem, because when i move the files on disc or “sort” the incoming filenames, other video files get displayed (and i tried most of them on a single quad, they all play).

i checked my video memory, everything fine (and still space).
i set height & width (aviparser) to a VERY small number.
i tried to change the poster-frame value.

doesn´t work.

any ideas?

gruss nach frankfurt,


seems like i wasn´t logged in. shame on me.

anyway. here´s how it looks:

and the grid has exactly the same cell count (240).


i’ll have a look into that…these days.

ammm… i dont have so many avifiles.
what does the tty renderer say when you open that patch?


2 more observations:

videofiles may have more than 1 stream. they may include 0, one or more audio and/or videostreams. you can get the streamcount for each file out of the AVIParser. you also get the streamtype. make sure the ‘CurrentStream’ pin of the AVIParser is set to the videostream for each file.

if that doesn’T help make sure the file in question is played with MediaPlayerClassic (see Links). if it loads but doesn’t play you likely do have a damaged directshowfilter installed. such filters can be removed. thats a bit tricky. so come back here if you need to know how.

all gut?