Avi goes too fast if i playback the nrt writer images

Hey i hope someone can help me with this.
i already saw a old post with similar issues from 2008, but they suggested to use the nrt writer and i do that.

So my issue is that if i render my images i wrote with writer nrt later in vegas, that my avi from the filestream is going too fast, looks like 4 times as fast. i miss a lot of frames that were in there.
i have parts in vvvv that respond to the movie, so its essential to be in there and on the right speed.
how can i do this good?



Have you set the Intercal pin of Mainloop to increment?

the most easy solution is to use a thirdparty backbuffer capture tool like Fraps or DXTory since they work with the realtime application.

If you really want to user NRT (which means non real time) you have to synchronize your video playback with the actual render frame. you can do that by setting the Do Seek of the FileStream always to 1 and input the current render time to the Seek Time. Then you have to experiment if Play on or off is better and whether your codec supports seeking well.

this is great open source tool for software capture http://obsproject.com/ . I’ve used with vvvv before and it’s great.