Avi file player only send DXM channel data on pixels that have changed between frame

Im having a small problem with playing an AVI file, I was using it to test the correct DMX pixel addressing (Big thanks to sunep)… It works fine… but only seem to send out DMX channel data when the pixel actually changes from 1 frame to the next, not the channel data for the pixels that dont change.

Im hoping this is a simple switch im missing, or do I have to resample on every frame change?



animation file player 10 x 10 X16 dot display.v4p (22.5 kB)
vvvv mapping test border animation.zip (1.3 kB)

Fuzzy, if you just look at your patch, you have 10 nodes, so not that hard to learn and understand what happens. Just figure out what every node does, and how you connected them.

What node send the DMX to the Artnet Universe? And what Pins Does that node have?

You connected a change node to the DMX input pin.
A change node outputs 0 or 1 (change or no change).
So that will never work. (unless you love white blinking LEDs)

I think you copied a screenshot or something. You want to connect the vector to the input DMX pin (the node where you combine all the RGB values), NOT the Change (value) node.

The Change & OR node does: when ANY of the values change, give me ONE bang.
And on that bang DMX will be send to the Artnet universe.

So, just remove that, and make the DMX node always send. So connect a 1 to it.

as westbam said.

Only with the addition that in my experience the Change (Value) and OR (Booelean Spectral) works for the Send Pin, but that may vary depending on that Artnet adapter you use, this approach works for me with Enttec ODE.

Input should come from the Vector (3D Join)

Edit: made a more clear phrasing

Thanks for the comments and direction guys and ill keep you posted on progress… love this stuff… but it can hurt my little brain sometimes.


All sorted guys… thanks once again!

connector Vecrot pin directly to DMX input!

Working nicely now and on with the tests.

Thanks to westbam and sunep