Automating VAudio Filter problem/bug

Hi everyone,

I’m having some trouble automating the cut off frequency of a Vaudio low-pass filter. I have it working fine when taking manual input from a bang, but as soon as I hook it up to some automation that’s coming from whether or not a video i’m playing matches a certain tag (if its inside or outside) the audio gets distorted and the filter stops working.

I recorded a video on my phone to show the problem:

It’s weird because the values coming into the Lin2Freq node are exactly the same, so I really don’t understand. I’ve tried a few different approaches and no matter what I do that works when manually triggered it freaks out once i connect it up to the data coming from the rest of my patch, even though its identical.

any help greatly appreciated,

can you try to set the Map node to Clamp? it seems like there is an invalid value for one frame. the clamp mode makes sure that the values don’t exceed the valid range.


I just tried that but it had no effect. there two toggles. one which im triggering manually and the other is set to 1 if a string matches, zero if it doesn’t.

i set it up with a switch and as soon as i switch over to the automated toggle, the stream doubles up and the filter no longer effects the audio in the same way, or at all.

Do you change the spread count? check how many values you are feeding in there? does the Sift has more than one value on the output?

also read about:

ah yeah that was it! Thanks so much :)

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