Automatically start a patch in a new instance


I am working on a patch for a theatre performance.
I want to fade between cues ( patches outputing a texture ).
I use createnode to load the “next cue”, and then fade to it.
Let’s say A/B mix

When creating heavy subpatches, I get a glitch in my renderers.

To avoid this, I found ok to have A and B running in two instances, using shared textures, and a third instance witch is the mixer, accessing to the shared textures.

Maybe somebody has a better idea to avoid this glitch ?

Is there a way for a patch to open by itself in a new instance ? That would make my startup process a bit less heavy.



create a text file named “args.txt” with the content /allowmultiple to do just that. this way whenever you launch a new patch it starts a new instance of vvvv.

to launch a patch from within a patch, use ShellExecute. see attached patches.

EDIT: args.txt need to be in the same folder as vvvv.exe
for more command line parameters, see: commandline parameters (4.2 kB)

great, thanks sunep