Automatic StackingAligning&Bezelmanagement on projectors/screens

With all the tracking capabilities vvvv has, wouldnt’ this automatic besel and projector Stacking/alignment setup be easy for a hardcore devvvv to create?

Create one bright mark in each corner on each outputhead.
Get live capture of scene.
From the capture, make the 4 most extreme marks reference for coordinate system.
Plot and capture each projectors coordinates on the scene by lighting all the marks, one by one to get desired order.
Measure the X,Y distance from the cornermarkings on each head to the corners in the coordinatesystem.
Create one slice with the same content to fill each output.
Add the measured X,Y values to transform the texture in respective slice.

The patch joust contains how i imagine it would look like on the “scene”

StackingAligning&Bezel.v4p (20.4 kB)

can’t download your file.

maybe a problem with that nasty & in the filename

@kalle Thanks for the komment on HoldBang. Feel honoured:)

SAB.v4p (20.4 kB)

Ive updated the patch to better show my thoughts.
It would be nice if anyone could say im not thinking in the right direction. I dont know how to streach the corners of the texture so im thankful for help and testing.

Sab Updated.v4p (57.8 kB)

Ok. I post this patch as this is cleaner and shows what im going to try. Il post results when i have tryed it. It would be good fun to be able to play a movie on a cluster of un aligned plasmas or projectors with only minutes to set it up.

Sab Updated2.v4p (60.1 kB)