Auto-naming S+R nodes

feature wish:
middle clicking on S+R nodes should set descriptive name.

does this make sense:


  • if the S node input pin is connected to anything, use that name as descriptive name when middle-clicking

  • otherwise use the Send String name.


  • i would prefer to always use the corresponding Receive String value for easiest recovery from red nodes

as suggested by @seltzdesign)) here: ((forum:shift-selecting-multiple-nodes-and-ioboxes-(bonus-hidden-alt-click-and-alt-drag-functionality)

Yeah I think that sounds about right.

Maybe one can choose between send string or name of input it is connected to by using a modifier key.

So something like:

middle-click on an S node uses the name of the connected input, just like for IOBoxes

ALT-middle-click on an S node will give it the name of the send string, if it has one

Same for R nodes. I really think that S+R nodes only “work” if you give them descriptive names. Otherwise they are just totally arbitrary and its too easy to loose track. So improving the way we can name them would be great. Just yesterday spent 10 minutes for 12 S+R nodes, because I have to name the S nodes, type in send string, name the R nodes and choose R string. Its a lot of copy paste or retyping the same string 3 times.

By the way: I already love the CTRL-ALT-middleclick on a pin to get a S or R node, but the naming with shortcut would be great. :)

actually it’s just CTRL+middleclick.
only discovered it recently and loving it, too.
hopefully i can bring my mind to using it routinely.

hm…sounds a bit overloaded to me.

isn’t the only thing you’d want an option to display the current value of the Send String or Receive String in the node itself?

hey joreg,

for me that would be sufficient.

Hello joreg,

yeah that would work for me too :)

lets see what we have:
S/R nodes now show their channel name by default. if you hate it middle-click to hide it. check latest alpha.

I thought this was setting the nodes descriptive name, so that if you loose a name, if you move patches, then it persisted to prompt you what it was previously (wasnt this an old addition) anyway, having just moved a patch and all the s and r nodes loosing their descriptions, can I make a request that the node gets its description set automatically, or via CTL middle click?

i agree, it is weird that the descriptive name gets lost, once the corresponding S is gone, and cannot be retrieved (unless you look into the v4p).

however, this whole descriptive-name-on-R is a quirky hack in itself, coming from a time when enums were shit and lost their name at random times. this however, is long fixed. please note, an enum iobox will keep its selected content at all times, and instead turn red if something goes wrong.

so i advise to simply middleclick an iobox and do all manipulation there. easier to read anyway, and totally portable with copy&paste, or opening patches without S infrastructure.

while on S+R nodes… I’ve always wanted a keyboard shortcut to jump from a selected R node to the patch with the corresponding S node. I’m often trying to find where a S node is patch is located and it never seems that easy. :)

@xd_nitro not exactly a single shortcut…but you know that the finder can help you find S/R pairs. type
"< s "
(without the quotes) in its textbox to see only all S/R nodes in your patches. hover any to see connected ends. also adding parts of the sendername will narrow down your search…