Auto including SubDir

Hi guys!
My patch has lots of subpatch, so I’d like to put them in some subDIRs.
(currentPatchDirectory/subdir1, currentPatchDirectory/subdir2,…)
If I wanna include the subdirectory, I must put something like this in my main patch:

or there is a better way?

the subpatches should be recognized automatically (if your folder structure doesn’t change, what it shouldn’t)

so, i don’t see why you need something like that anyway… or am i missing the point?

are you sure? so I have some wrong setting, because the mail patch doesn’t see all the patch in the subdirectory (unless I did’t include the path as I was showing)

main patch, not mail patch! :D

helo luper,

sorry for late. for clarification:

  • subdirs like \modules, \effects and \plugins in your project-directory are being scanned and nodes found there are automatically included in the nodebrowser
  • but your own arbitrary subdirectories in your project-directory are not automatically included (as you found out yourself).

the way you mentioned to workaround this is legitimate though. future versions of the nodebrowser may include an option to browser subdirs…