Augmented Reality

Hi everybody!
I’m looking for a solution to integrate augmented reality in vvvv.
Since Metaio and so @milo 's plugin cannot be used anymore, do you have anything to suggest?
I want to track and display contents on some custom picture marker.
Is this a good solution? Can I track custom pictures with ARToolKit? Is it stable?
Thank you

why not use one of the VLOpenCV trackers? it’s included in vvvv gamma preview and you can test it out of the box with no additional setup.

this video also contains some demos:

because I thought that with VLOpenCV I couldn’t track a custom JPG image (not a fiducial tracker).
Please tell me if i thought wrong

not 100% sure, this might be better answered by @ravazquez.

i’m afraid i don’t believe there is a solution out there atm that allows you to do picture-marker tracking with vvvv.

Well, you can use an old metaio stuff, which btw is still quite amazing

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Like @joreg said, there are no nodes out there to achieve this in VL.OpenCV, you could always implement your own mechanism like the fiducial algorithm you can see in VL.OpenCV, but this is probably more work than you are looking for, you could have a look still to get an idea.

As rogalag said metaio is the way to go…

I’m still using it…why is do you said is not available?

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