Augmented Reality in VVVV


Ive just found something online and started experimenting with it. fl ARtoolkit, a augmented reality toolkit for flash + papervision3d. A camera tracks for a pattern an positions 3d objects aligned on this pattern.

So did anyone ever do this in VVVV? Should run with better performence :> this seams to be the best example online :) dev site a tutorial



also try FiducialTracker (FreeFrame DShow9) node in vvvv

click here


also search the site for ARTK+ …

wow :) Will have a look at that after my Flash Version is finished. Thx!

Flash augmented reality - FLARTOOLKIT with costum models… from gegenlicht on Vimeo. ->

Here are my flash results… Did this for a application presentation/homework for FH Düsseldorf… They liked my stuff…
so i`ll be a student there in a while… communication design…

Will def try this in VVVV with a good camera and more detailed models or fft stuff :)

*edit: no embeding? :/