So if I got it right, an audioin takes its input from any audiosource there is, whether I play winamp or smthing else, the audioin should revieve it. Is it like that?
If so, then I dont really get anything out of it, the FFT doesn show any input from it or anything else :(
My soundcard is an E-MU 0404 PCI btw, if that helps…

AudioIn takes the input from the device you select at the last pin. i don’t think there are soundcards/ drivers that automatically route all your system output to the input. try using a microphone or connect an audiodevice to the physical input.

if you want to route audio from other apps i’d suggest Virtual Audio Cable

SO, is there no possibility of letting a filestream connect to the audioin? Or which source is commonly taken to give the audioin an input?
Apart from that, I cant hear anything when playing files from filestream, even though it shows me that its playing on the inspektor, is that normal?
thanks for the quick answer,
grts. Moritz

Try connecting the Filestream to AudioOut.

Filestream in combination with FFT is not working (bug in vvvv). My work around for this problem is to connect the FFT to AudioOut, routing it with Virtual Audio Cable to AudioIn and analyzing this signal with FFT.

vvvv and audio derive from different planets, so think about using Pd/ etc.

aehem. or try the wonderful bass library nodes by user vux. you have to install the plugs first:

hello all,

sorry another question about the audioin node,
what’s the input pin “buffer count” about? it’s set to 2 in the help patch but don’t understand how to set it or if i have to leave 2 always.

I think I need those BASS nodes, because the audioin doesnt recieve anything from my dsp wave 9000 driver…