AudioIn doesn't update with only preview

A source of confusion is that the AudioIn node does not update the preview unless something else is connected. It would be nice to just be able to make an AudioIn node and have it update when hovering it to see if something i coming in at all.
I would be nice to have that functionality and it would be the expected behavior as far as I can tell.


it was like that before the stable release, but it is incorrect, because if nothing is connected, there is no audio “flowing”. it is indeed counter-intuitive in the case of the input, and in the special case of the input, we might put another tooltip that “activates” the audio.

but for example, an AudioPlayer shouldn’t start playing and change its position just because you hover over it with the tooltip. so the tooltip isn’t allowed to call things in the user patch, it is only allowed to “listen in”.

makes sense, but would be convenient in case of AudioIn.

It would be cool if such a tip could show meters for all channels coming in. that way when working with multi-channel audio it would be possible to see where there is audio and not. whereas the waveform looks cool, but is often not particularly useful. Perhaps a possibility of both?

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The tooltip will now pull audio from the AudioIn node. So you will see something without connecting it to a running audio graph.

the new VL.Audio version will have a volume meter next to the scope view now:


Looks amazing.

Although having slice numbers under the meters would be great. Seeing if channel 28 out of 64 is active can be difficult without it.

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Perhaps separate them a bit in groups of 8. That seems to be a standard number of channels to split multi channel audio into.

And having the option to disable the waveform would also be good.

not sure where such an option should be, a library cannot introduce settings to vvvv at the moment. how would you want to set that, intuitively?

I don’t know but if I have to choose, I would prefer having just meters over waveforms. Perhaps having an iobox waveform and an iobox meter could be a good idea and then only meters when hovering the output. maybe waveforms if there are two channels

for now the waveform will only be shown for channel counts <= 8. we will later make this a setting in the audio config window.


and for higher counts, the waveform is turned off and the channels are grouped by 8 and have an index. the space is a bit small there, so you have to zoom the tooltip (CTRL+ mouse wheel) to read the higher numbers.


That looks cool. At some point it would be cool to have a setting for the type of meter, think various incarnation of lufs beside what now looks like peak and rms.

It’s amazing to experience the love audio is now getting! It’s wonderful


Would it be possible to have this behaviour of the tooltip also for the AudioPlayer node? I think it would be convenient to display any kind of audio signal in the tooltip, before processing it further and sending it to a sink.

To me it feels very counter-intuitive that the tooltip does not show its values as long it is connected and I always think that my file is broken or does not exist. Any other value in vvvv can also be displayed like that. Imagine a LFO that does not show the current phase in an IOBox as long it is not connected to something else.

This leads to tooltip situations like these… anybody else who finds this weird?

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