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what do I need to get an audio output from the audioengine node. I do not see any audio out pin.

AudioOut node in VAudio category

ah yes, you cant connect AudioEngine directly to the output. This is not the way to do it, it would be better if you took a look on the girlpower folder for vaudio. What you may connect instead on the output node is an Oscillator, a WaveTable etc. Anything that gives an AudioSignal as an output. The AudioEngine has not to be connected to anything really. It is just needed in order to process sound on a different thread.

I would suggest to check also this very nice and explanatory video about vaudio and its use-cases.

ah ok, thanks for the links. is there a node to make a simple beat. i found only the beep (windows) node.

You are welcome, I dont understand what you mean with beat and how it is related to the Beep (windows) but you may use any VSTi or VST otherwise you may try to combine an LFO with a Counter so you may have a native (and a bit naive) step sequencer.
Otherwise you may take a look on a patch I made recently for this purpose (3.2 KB)

also, have a look at the help patch of StepSequencer (VAudio), it’s running in the audio thread and is not quantized by FPS, so it’s far more precise and usable as Audio trigger.

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Yes I forgot completely about it, I was inventing the wheel once again…

the idea is to build an audio morse code generator. we have found a patch (morse coder) in the forum and wanted to convert to the audio output, but it does not really work.

i have the feeling that the beep node is slowing down through the whole system, so I was looking for another node for the audio output

but it can also be another mistake.

MorseCoder.v4p (13.8 KB) MorseCoder_Audio.v4p (25.5 KB)

don’t you only need one Osc with a sine wave and enable/disable it? for example multiply it with 0 or 1…

For beats, you can look at the acid machine in the workshop material here

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