Audio troubles with vvvv audio out

Hi ! i m fighting a painfull trouble on a show.

i think my problem is W7 oriented. so here it is:

i have 2 audio players, remoted in artnet and using filestream > audio out

i m using an external soundcard ( Scarlett i2i)

depending of certain ASUS computers, when loading and changing a file, the audio output diseapear.

i can sometimes get it back when using the driver selection.

card is up to date in windows

if i look to the option of volume in Windows, i see that vvvv level output gets down to 0 when i m changing of file.
wich doesnt arrived for me on other computers.

i can have sometimes vvvv audio output working, then when changig file, the volume visualisation Fromm vvvv in the audio panel becames at 0, despite a file is readen

does any one has a clue on how to fix it in Windows ?

audio players.v4p (23.6 kB)

hi Karistouf,

the focusrite has asio drivers
install the
support spreading and switching !
see patch

audio players2.v4p (27.2 kB)

merci circuitb.
no i finally succed on classical drivers.
but i had hard time due to the need to install FIRST teh sound card driver BEFORE the DX9 environnement (yes)