Audio synchronisation trouble

I need a real help.
I m using vvvv for sending video AND sound.
In my 10 audiofiles, I have 4 audio files i m synchronizing my bangs on.
Those bangs are sended on a time base.

I have different results from same subpatches type approach:

I m defining a > < time condition, waiting that the current position is in this range to set a sending of ONE bang.
but some time this sending is done 2 or 3 or 4 times, and not everytime.
If I set my time more little, the bang is not seen from the subpatch that receives it.
If the time is too big, i have some bangs sended…
This range of time to have the signal ok seems to vary. And unforutunately the approach is not safe for me:
Those bangs are counted, in order to send the proper effect onbang event.

could someone help me to fix this ?


here is a sample patch.
the ******************** separation show subpatches.

audio_sync_trouble.v4p (29.2 kB)

due to the framebased nature of vvvv there is no guarantee that the time will be inside a certain range for one or more frames, but it is sure, that it will be greater in some frame. so you just check if its greater and send a bang with TogEdge. doing it with spreads is even cooler:

audio_sync_trouble2.v4p (11.6 kB)

hi Tonfilm. thanks. i will include it in my patch and see if there is no trouble ( sure there will not ;-) ) . I m with many subpatches and well… not feeling confortable sometimes with a non linear programing ;-)
merci !

thanks a lot tonfilm. this works great! THAT is a great SOS saver ;-)

really i m missing something about spectral…
could you try to explain me the idea bellow it ?