Audio routing into vvvv with ableton, tracktor, on one laptop

hi i am preparing for a gig next week where I am scheduled to performance three times next weekend.

I have a new machine for running patchs.
but it seems like the FFT (dshow9) 4 channel node is not getting any input.

in the fft node, my sound driver shows up so I choose it but no input…when I run sound from internet, or music programs? i can hear it from speakers.

I am using the same vvvv build, 30_x86 on windows 7 professional 64 bit

and I cant get any sound input into vvvv.

one thing is that the pin that shows stereomix is always red.

what could be the problem?

i checked these already…

thank you

here is a little patch showing how i monitor audio in while i am using the fft node before the values go to my visualization patch.

when I see the four bands, they are always fluttering- shaking up and down but not related to music…

what i am trying to do is to route the master out from my audio device to fft.

from FFT node, the audio device master out does not show, only line in.

but on the audioout node, the master out shows… i dont know if this is normal.

I tried routing one of the master outs from my mixer to line in with cable, but my mixer does not allow this kind of routing.

please take a look and see if i am doing something wrong.

simple 4 band music monitoring (22.7 kB)

hola, does this help: accessing stereo mix

hi thank you for the reply… since its already weekend I will try to make some result on my own.

the line in shows and it is selected by default.

I tried the FFT 4channel windows 7 node and I set up one of the two main outs from my mixer-audio interface through a zoom h4 recorder then back into RCA audio ins on the mixer. this way I can monitor the output and also record on it since the zoom H4 has xlr and trs combo stereo ins and easy to set up from most audio interfaces.

and this seemed to be working, at least I was able to confirm that vvvv was getting the sound in from my programs - ableton set, traktor, and so on.

then I was trying to change the buffer rate on the vextax driver (the mixer-audio interface) to get better result in to vvvv because it seemed all the sound was showing activity on the two low ends of four bars I use to monitor sounds very little changes on the highs…the highs were always staying high somehow, and I tried audionin (bass) node in order to compare.

and I was just changing the channel index and device pin, to see if I can get any sound in and compare the quality to the fft 4 channel windows 7 node and suddenly the sound from tracktor that was playing got cut off.

and since then when I restart the computer(even when I disconnect the power cable from my computer after it shuts down because that usually resets all the USB connections), I can see that there is sound playing in traktor but I get no audio out. windows 7 shows no sound activity on the sound panel under the systemsteuerung either.

after three or four restart, the audio interface starts to work again. maybe its a haswell- USB bug I only heard about…how knows…although the audio interface is not usb3 though, as haswell only has a little issue with usb3.

In the past, I haven’t been able to get any sound into vvvv with audioin (bass) node although the sound driver on my mixer/USB interface is asio. I also have asio4all installed.

anyways, I will try to tune it up over the weekend and post if I find anything that I find worth sharing or good information for using vvvv.


so it seems like it is possible to run traktor, vvvv and ableton at the same time from one machine, i mean one laptop.

I can keep cpu on ableton under 40 with, asioforall as the driver, sending audio to line in on my mixer, which goes into traktor.

this way i can have one of decks on traktor as the ableton, which itself has a crossfader, so i can squeeze in two decks from ableton into traktor.

I once had it set so that I can use all the traktor effect on ableton as post fader, but somehow it only worked one time and I cant seem to get it back.

with traktor, i can keep the latency under 12ms, which is not super ideal but it works with 256 sample size.

then the main out traktor goes back into my computer with mic in (jack) which is fine for vvvv to monitor sound with 4 channel fft. the trick was to use realtek as soundcard for vvvv mic in, not the line in of the mixer-aiso driver.

this way, i still have one more line in on my mixer for a cd player.

now the only thing left is… getting the best performance out of vvvv 30 x86, which I think will take some time.

so there it is, it is possible to run ableton as a live sequencer/ groovebox using max4live plugin, feeding it into traktor, then taking the main out of traktor mixing ableton with two regular track decks and remix deck, put it through a field recorder for live recording, which has a live monitor out! that goes back into the vvvv as realtek mic in. and latency is…?? i think is about 10-15ms. but I cannot really tell by eye. It will probably take another week to tune it up…but no time!! I think this works, surprisingly.