Audio Reactive Visual using BeatDetector?


I’m here again to ask for your valuable help.
Currently I’m developing project relevant to audio reactive visual.

Here is my goal.
Multiple EX9 Geometry will respond to its corresponding frequency.
For Example, Box1 will respond to Audio frequency range 0-20 and Box2 will do same for range 20-40, and so on.
I figured out “BeatDetector” will basically provide what I want but it does not support spread for multiple response. Am I right?

Any idea will be massively appreciated.


have you created an AudioAnalysis (DShow9) node and pressed F1? Some pretty cool stuff going on there.

Also create an FFT node and change the spread count down to the number of spreads you want to split it by. This will give you multiple responses for the full range of sound.

Hello xd_nitro.

Massive thanks for your help! :)



you could also check out tonfilm’s ‘Svvvvitcher’ for some nice example patches of audio-responsive visualisations.