Audio Poks using Filestream VLC player

Hello ! i have strongs audio poks when changing or just loading files in a filestream VLC player. The experience is quiet annoying as audience is having headset on their hears while browsing different video files.
Is there any way to avoid those Poks ? from VLC config itself ?
thanks you for feeback


I believe this is codec and machine-dependent. What container and codecs are you using? There is always a tradeoff between compression and computing power needed. Try encoding with a lower profile or check out the HAP player contribution for effortless playback.

Hi Schlonzo, i have MP4 and WMV files. The thing is happening with any files, and this is mini pc BeeLink used. So not so much great soundcard integrated.

I have an older project running with 4x full HD mp4 video browser and there are no audio glitches when switching videos. I guess it’s your machine.

I would try if it works with hap, because this moves decoding to the gpu. If you do not have enough space for your videos you could also try encoding mp4 with NVEC, which should also do hardwdare decoding.

I guess it’s your cpu spiking when you load a new video. I would try the above and then optimizing your vvvv patch on cpu side.

I second using HAP, get the player here:

Encoding is a bit weird, but there are instructions in the links on the contribution page

thank you to all i will give a try to HAP

You can download ffmpeg here :

just found it. thank you !

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