Audio pack - reaktor vst - loading ensembles

Hi guys,
i have a big problem here.
I have a patch that use the audiopack for loading reaktor vst into it. All is fine, and works.
And everytime i open the patch, reaktor loads with no problems and loads up also the correct patch inside it.
The problem is that if i go on another computer (or simply change the path of my entire project to another location) reaktor dosen’t load its patch (seems like it is an absolute path instead of relative) and it ask me where the patch is.
So i go to find it and load it, and all is fine again. until i close vvvv, having a crash. the next time i load the project again, reaktor is again stuck in the “missing” window, and i have to search it again.

So, there’s a way to change manually that path from outside, so it can find it when i open it, or at least make it relative instead of absolute?

thanks all for help ;)

hi screamer, the file handling is entirely done by the plugin itself, vvvv does not interfere with it. so i guess reaktor saves absolute paths.

The plugin is just asked to give vvvv the bytes it wants so save and they are then written into the vvvv patch into a configuration pin. the save procedure is triggered each time a parameter in the plugin is changed (if autosave of the VSTHost is on). so i guess you need to load the missing patch and move some knobs so that it saves a new state of the reaktor patch. does this work?

mmm, not really, because everytime that i open the patch with that enseble missing, and i go locate it manually inside reaktor, when i close vvvv i have a crash. and that crash in some way ihnibit reaktor to autosave things.
i’ve also tried disabling autosaving and save by hand instead, also in different location.
the new file is created, but next time i open the patch i have again that “missing” window.

so at the end i resolved recreating on an external disk the same path of the original location (e:\games\touch\sampler.ens), so i’ve finally managed to load the ens in reaktor, and from that changing the path to something new, without crash, and so saving the new path.

i think the crash is something related to reaktor. Seems like, if when it loads up dosen’t find the patch to load, then the crash is assured, when you close the program.

but i think it’s not related to audio pack, but to reaktor instead.

anyway, for now, i’ve solved that way :)

good to hear, but if you can, upload your patch and the reaktor .ens for me to have a look at the crash and how i can prevent it from crashing vvvv.

here we are, attached is an extract of the project. i’ve isolated the audio/reaktor part. (11.6 MB)

the reaktor .ens is missing… can you upload it as well?

argh, sorry. is coming soon, also because in the meantime i went forward in the project, and the problem is bigger than before. now vvvv and reaktor crashes every time i close vvvv, and the .ens is not saved.
i’ve managed to edit the ens in reaktor standalone, and it works when in vvvv, but i cannot edit or touch nothing directly from vvvv because it’s not saved when the crash happens.
and now i really need a way to map some values from vvvv to reaktor, but if it crash i think i have to go the old way (reaktor standalone that speaks with vvvv via osc), but i really don’t want to do it.

also noticed a little “issue” about fft.
when i open the patch its ouput pins are 0. I have to delete the node and put new one to have fft reading

following a zip with the ensemble. i want to do some tests to see if it crashes also if loaded in a fresh new patch

mmm, i think i’ve broken something somewhere in the OS, because now vvvv crash on quit every time i put reaktor in it, also if i do it in a new patch.
i’ve attached a sample of what i mean.
there is a test.v4p, that is simply a vst loader with engine audio.
if i load reaktor, and then i quit vvvv i already have the crash :\ (8.3 MB)

here is some infos on the crash, don’t know if it helps:

Nome evento problema: APPCRASH
Nome applicazione: vvvv.exe
Versione applicazione: 33.3.493.0
Timestamp applicazione: 5436836a
Nome modulo con errori: Reaktor5.dll_unloaded
Versione modulo con errori:
Timestamp modulo con errori: 50a64dcd
Codice eccezione: c0000005
Offset eccezione: 005bf240
Versione SO: 6.3.9600.
ID impostazioni locali: 1040
Informazioni aggiuntive 1: e09a
Ulteriori informazioni 2: e09a0207f6cb78280dbdfffd0fb04911
Ulteriori informazioni 3: 7780
Ulteriori informazioni 4: 7780467558b9ad32a0f919a88537b9df

some observations.
if you make a new patch, put a vstHost in it and load reaktor, and then quite vvvv, you will have a crash.


If you put the vstHost in vvvv, save, close, then open again and load reaktor.dll, then you can close vvvv without reaktors crashing.

very strange

i’ve also done more tests, and seems that the problem is related to the GUI of vst.
if i have the reaktor window open, and i close vvvv it crashes.
if i have it closed, but i open it during the session, also if then i close it, vvvv crashes
if i have it closed (and working) i can do what i want in vvvv, and save and quit, and all is working.
so i cannot open the reaktor window in anyway :-O

ok, i have another clue. It’s for sure something graphic.
I’ve found a walkaround for the problem.
if i leave the reaktor window in “info”, that’s a kind of form with all the specs of reaktor, i can save and quite without crash.
so the crash happens only if there’s “edit” windows selected (no matter if panel or structure view).
So for now i can manage to proceed in my project using this walkaround, but there’s for sure something wrong when the GUI of reaktor is opened.

hope my observations will help to find a solution

yes, these are some very good pointers, thank you!

and i can confirm after 2 days on working on, that the walkaround works 100% of times, without a crash, no matter what i do. So i’m quite confident is something related to “drawing the interface” of reaktor. anyway, great work with audiopack, i love it ;)