Audio from ableton live to vvvv

Hello, is this possible to recieve audio from live in vvvv ?

on the same computer that is.

Maybe with this (haven t tried myself in Windows)

tnx, ill try it.

Depending what you need peakfreak is worth having a look at.

This just converts audio level to midi. Not super hi res but has the advantage of being able to use multiple instances.

try “virtual audio cable” (is the name of the software). set it as an output device in live and input device in VVVV. I have never done it, but in theory it should work.

Virtual Audio Cable should work but will introduce quite some latency. There is some VST´s that allow sending audio from one app to another with lower latencies. This is one of them, it worked great in the past but I heard it as some problems with win7:

Anyhow worth to give it a try.

Could also give reastream from reaplugs a try: