Audio Driver Issues

Hey there,

I have a problem with the audio driver settings. It says " Object reference not set to an instance of an object" and stops the computing.
The DriverSettings show all the Audio-Devices but it seems it has no access to it.
Also the VL.Audio Configuration shows a black screen and I can not longer close the screen after opening (Atlt+C).
I can not open the control panel for any audio device.
I have already tried reinstalling the drivers.
I dont get it.
Is there a console in addition to the information popup-box of the nodes where the errors can be viewed?

Thanks for help first of all



in the vvvv previews you can press CTRL+F2. what vvvv version are you using?

Hey tonfilm

I use the newest version 5.2. I just reinstalled it a few minutes ago - Same issue
On my other computer it works fine.
I think it is a blocked communication beween vvvv and Windows… in my imagine.
I will try it with a preview-version.




I had installed VL.Audio version 1.5.0, which was uploaded three days ago. I think it works with the previews but not with 5.2?
It still works with version VL.Audio 1.0.3.

Thanks for support.
Nice forum!