Audio delay while switching to another wav


i am working on a patch to play several sounds in a row

i have multiple filestreams and when the duration of one equals the time another one is triggerd to play

i set the “= (value)” epsilon to 0.02 and the framerate of mainloop to 50 to prevent that a framedelay in my patch would cause a delay BUT there is still a delay

i tried several things and as far as i hear it the delay is gone when i set the epsilon to 0.06 which equals 3 frames

but where do these 2 additional frames come frome? is there really no delay anymore or do i maybe truncating the play of the file at the end without noticing it?

i also read somewhere that vvvv is not that good in sound - so another idea is:
write a new patch in puredata an synchronise my other vvvv patches on other computeres via udp (what i am already doing with the vvvv patch)
is that possible and easy to do with no clue of puredata?
(puh - i hope i can work it out with vvvv)

vvvv uses directshow for audio processing, and directshow uses insane audio buffers to try to accomplish click-free playback under all circumstances. there is not much you can do about it, but i expect different drivers have different latencies.

for communicating via UDP - yes, this is worth trying, as it is the most flexible. Using OSC over UDP can simplify more complex applications. In case you dont have time to debug issues, and just want to transfer some basic start/stop messages, good old MIDI might bring a relief. but learn to do it the UDP way gives the better perspective…

you may try selecting the “Default Wave Device” instead of the “Default DirectSound Device” on the AudioOut ‘driver’ pin which usually is a bit faster, but can only used on one AudioOut node.

and have a look to the WavePlayer (DShow9) , which is able to load multiple files…