Audio crashing vvvv

Hi all

I have on a couple of occasions experienced that vvvv randomly crashes (bsod) when I am doing stuff with audio. it has happened with some quite complex use of waveplayer and as a result of that behavior I tried to do the same using multiple filestreams, in both bassasio varsion and directx version. same thing. this was on an xp machine, a netbook.

last week I experienced crashes using audioin in the direct x flavor on a vista 32bit machine… desktop, quad core etc.

of course it can be down to the fact that I have used external soundcards on both occasions but I can not rule out that there is some instability on the vvvv side. in all of these cases I have used beta21.

have any of you had similar experience? any solutions… Right now I am afraid of doing even simple audio tasks in vvvv.


elo sune,

while i won’t say that vvvv is cool with audio and probably this won’t help you, i’d like to point out that bsods typically are drivers problems. also the fact that bassasio and vvvvs audioplayback (which are quite some different pairs of shoes, if i may say so) show the same troubles would let me suggest that what you experience cannot be fixed by vvvv.

joreg, you are probably right like always, I have just not experienced that unstable behavior with earlier betas.

I will try to find a more stable audio setup… I am thinking about something like RME