Audio capture with video

I haven’t used vvvv in a while and was wondering if it was now possible to get both the audio and video from a video source. I am hoping to use a firewire camera for capture and wanted to get the audio as well. Is it possible to capture in h.264 or just avi?


feel free to just point me to the info in the docs if it is there, I just didn’t see it…

If you mean you want to capture the output of the renderer, best thing is to save it uncompressed first, and transform it in to any codec you like. (most of us prefer Fraps for this, video and audio).

If you mean, what type of input vvvv accepts, well, just try I think. The filestream (Dshow9) outputs video and sound, see the codec FAQ, h.264 is mentioned there. For capturing the Firewire CAM, use the video-in, and for the audio-stream use the audio-in node. Hope it helps… a bit…