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Hi people,

A friend of mine needs some help on Audio Analysis.

She has around 40 files of speeches which need to be analyzed in a way to find out:

The pitch, volume, How long there is a pause, If the rhythm is getting faster or lower, if the speaker speaks slower or faster, how long does it take for the speaker to reply and then some more acoustic features likje MFCCs, spectral flux, centroid, larynx F.

She needs to get these info from each one of it separately and the compare them all together (machine learning) to get some results.

If anyone is interested to you can email me at: for more info

Thank you


anyone? It’s kind of Urgent

Hi @vasilis,

I guess the lack of response is because its not a very vvvv-ish project. Its more about natural language processing than even audio analysis. Not only would you need to have tools for doing such fine grain analysis, and she’s asking for a lot, some of this stuff will probably need to be done manually.

Having a look around I came across this.It could help her create a dataset. This could be useful too.
They may not fit in with all of her preferred features but it might be a start, and she may need to find some of her features manually (pausing vs listening vs speaking). For that I would column in my features the time frame as {0,1,2} accordingly.

Speech speed might be inferred by some of the analysis tools, but if not, she could have a feature that is basically {0,1} when a new syllable or word is used in a time frame. Again, this is a manual job. Maybe a tool could be made in vvvv to to make the manual annotation easier.

If she already understands the process and just needs someone technically proficient to put in the labour? She should break down the tasks a little more. She might also want to hire a student or two from her local uni.

Hi @Hadasi my old friend. I hope you remember me since London back in 2013

Well shes not familiar with software and programming but this is not her main issue. The main issue is that shes is having a baby in a few months and time is pressing to finish her PhD. So she needs some help on the technical side of the project so she can have more time writing the PhD. She is looking to hire someone for this so if you are interested or you know someone that might be comfortable to do this please let me know.



Of course I do mate, hope you’re well too :-)
I sympathize with her predicament I’m not volunteering to do the work on this one. Its an interesting project but fear I’d be doing a lot more than just implementing someone’s direction; one would be researching and co-designing the experiment itself to some extent.

I might be able to give her some advice but I don’t want any deeper involvement than that, my friend. It might help her stream line her search a bit by knowing the right questions to ask.

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