Attractor 2d problem


I have a simple project with attractor 2D. I have a number of objects arranged in a grid. When I change attractors coordinates, I want to displace accordingly the objects on the Y axis, and to rotate them according to their position. It is working almost good (like in the patch attached), but there are some problems. Instead of the X an Y coordinates from the vector 3D, I must use X and Z in attractor to achieve the desired movement, I dont understand why… The other thing is that in the first and last columns of the grid, the elements are always rotated. What I`m doing wrong? Thank for suggestions in advance!

Attractor test.v4p (74.2 kB)

You have Vector.Y values which are a list, OMG!, a spread of zeros: I think that’s why you need to use Vector.Z values.
I don’t know why Tangent Bin Size can be only any power of 2 up to 32.
Then I started playing with your patch, since I never put my hands on Attractor and started to learn a bit. This led to other changes in your patch, which anyway should be coherent to former patch.
See attached.

Edit: ah you could set gdi renderer background color alpha = 0, and set texture format of gdi texture to A8R8G8B8, so to have nice roundrects with no fillin’.

Attractor (7.6 kB)

Hi h99!

Yes, weird thing with tangent bin size values… I used with the default -1 value and this created the rotation of objects on the two sizes.

I need the Vector Z values because in the end I want to use a 3D irregular grid, I only tested the problems of the patch with a simplified variant. Now is clear everything.

Thank you very much!