Atmospheric Scattering; Texture not working

Hello, the texture pin is not working in the atmospheric scattering done by unc.
Anybody have any idea on what to write in the shader to make it work propely ???
cheers and thank you

Atmospheric (56.4 KB)

Changing the Cull to CCW returns this

Edit: s0 seem to be commented out. Except when it is declared (sampler s0 = ...), un-comment the other 2 lines where s0 is present, and comment each previous line. You’ll end with this (no Cull fiddling required)

thanks a lot h99, thats it !

long time i didn t put myself in a 3d space :)

@karistouf how does driving feels in 2d? Is it like Out Run? God, that was gaming!

ah ah ah!
well video in 2d, and materials of projection in 3d!

thanks h99

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