Atmospheric Scattering Planet Shader DX11

Hi I found an interesting shader and started porting it to vvvv DX11.
I could need some expertise in a view points.

Get the attached patch and go on this forum thread:

It is this GPU Gems contribution:

That comes from that page (also other interesting stuff like volumentric clouds are covered):

alright as you can see it is a multi pass shader and the GroundFromSpace is already working. SkyFromSpace is producing only a white sphere. And I wonder if I applied it correctly:
Draw your planet using the GroundFromSpace shader first

Then change your rasterizer state so it culls front faces instead of back faces.

Then draw the atmosphere sphere using the AtmosphereFromSpace shader.
Since your culling is inverted, only the back half of the sphere will be drawn.
Pixels behind the planet will not be drawn because they will fail the depth test.

Then I am trying to make Textures working on it correctly and of course transform. If someone feels like jumping in, you’re welcome!

scatteringtest.rar (340.7 kB)

You’re the man. We discussed this a little while back, and I think you’re ready to have a go:

hey thx hadasi this looks cool. i hope to give it a try one day. who got the skyfromspapce working and can make dx11 screenshots? ;) i was wondering if i have to use the draw geometry nodes in a specific way… i think i gonna get me a dx11 book. found one with a skinning shader as well… stoping the try and error headage

Lol I saw that screenshot and assumed you had cracked it. Will the real slim shader please stand up?

Is this the book you were looking at?

I just started it now and it seems really nice. You need to rewrite the shaders a little bit for vvvv, but nothing major.

i did the teaser screenshot of the day
shader by ivan rastr for a recent project
check out this atmospheric-scattering

awesome guys. thank you very much!

so nice to see that stuff going forward so fast.

@everyoneishappy: yes thats it. i gonna check it out. had already a quick look on the examples that are online… another crazy resource i discovered is the ‘space game engine’ with lots of accessible opengl shaders in the folder.

there is also a very nice lens flare