Asynchron loop by flash renderer


i had build a very simple multi-screen project. on one pc is one part of a flash film on another the secound. the synchron start is controlled on a netsend input on both flash renderer. to this point the system works ok. but after the activ loop function the renderer plays asysnchron. what is wrong …
thanks for help

sorry, starting files in the same time in loop mode and hoping that they will stay in sync is too optimistic. i think there is no good way to sync flash files seamless, because there is no speed control. maybe you can send frame numbers from a server (no video playing) to the render clients and control the flash movie position.

i would render the flashs to .avi and use my sync module. have a look at it to get an idea how to sync videos over network: video sync

i just updated the module for the new version…

thanks for your support
i try it