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Because you asked…
The current version of my control everything patch, has 3 instances, the output patch. the preset patch and a gui patch. Until last summer presets and gui were in one instance but the frame rate was low and I have a timeline sequencing presets, if your frame rate is below you output rate there’s gong to be issues.
I use a lot evaluates already to save as much cpu as I can.
All 3 patches communicate use zeroMQ.
In an ideal world, I could simply set a subpatch to run async in a separate thread, but of course, we can’t do that, we have VL for that.
So I have a pretty complicated patch that really needs to be completely re-written in VL because it can have slice counts of 1000’s over several different outputs, values, types, tags, address, min/max, default value etc and as I found out when I first looked at doing this (objects yay) just getting the data into and out of VL from vvvv is cpu intensive based on slice counts. Also I haven’t used vobject because cpuwise I again found it too taxing.
Also once we get there, theres ooo do the sliders GUi as objects etc, and then we’re into craftlie , which is out of my range.
So all in all, its not something I can even attempt, but running a subpatch in a thread, would hands down be my prefered option, as I’m doing that manually all the time now, and have been doing for years and its awkward as hell!

to me it sounds a bit as if you try to solve the most complex use case you can find with a new tool you haven’t learned enough yet. so you have two obstacles at once. this is a big task to tackle alone…

so in theory, if you would have had the chance to attend joregs beginner workshop, you would know that you can patch as you are used to in vvvv. in the beginning you don’t have to use any new VL feature… they are optional, with very few exceptions.

from what i know about your contribution, VL seems to be the perfect choice for your application in general, but you need to learn the basics of data types and how they can help you. and then, once you have a re-write of your tool in VL, you can put parts onto other threads to your liking.

it would also be nice if you could give us a personal presentation of your application and what parts you want to outsource to VL. after that we can give you more helpful advice and design patterns to achieve your goal.

This would be a hell of a WYPPTTVL.

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I do know that Tonfilm, I am describing the issues I have with vvvv, and threading, joreg asked for a use case, and this is a for example. The issues I have with vvvv are mostly based around having to process large spreads and perform logic with and on them, doing this goes through the vl-vvvv bottleneck and shows no improvement to the patch performance.

would it help if you could just rewrite one part of it, and send with zeromq from vl to the other vvvv threads?

i am asking because i have started patching a prototype in vl

Well, that was my plan, but when I tried just the start of splitting it, it became stupid how long it took(especially emotionally!)
I guess a native MQ would help as it saves the big spread of strings going through a pin!

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