Astra + Gamma

Hello guys I try to use the orbecc camera in gamma but it doesn’t to worked
The orbecc viewer show the camera but not in vvvv … should I give a preper name in the connection string or is it a driver or sdk version?
Using the 2021.4.12 for gamma
the 1.2.0 for pack astra

Thanks you guys

for 2021.4.12 please use version 1.0.1 of the VL.Devices.Astra NuGet!

I’ve just added this info to the NuGet Compatibilty Chart.

Hi Joreg, thank you for the quick answer!
I did change the version, but nothing haved change, I try the 1.0.1 for the 2021.4.12
and the 1.2.0 for the gamma 2022.5
But same result… nothing happend

this is the one I use…

I’m afraid the VL.Devices.Astra NuGet still uses the old Astra SDK and not the new Orbbec SDK (which supports the new camera models).

So for the new camera models, a bit of development will be required.

Ok I see, thank you joreg, can you tell me witch model are working currently?
And for a little a bit of context I’m on a creation of an immersive and interactive installation in the science museum of chicago for next october… and we are using those camera with a system called augmenta for basic tracking.

And we want to use the same camera for an effect in one of the room with skeleton feature… and I want to use vvvv for this… Is there a way to find a contact than can develop this feature … ?
Thanks you very much

i’m afraid it doesn’t seem clear which models would be supported. the Astra SDK docs says that would support these cameras:

  • Astra+
  • Astra+ S
  • Astra Embedded S
  • Astra Stereo S
  • Astra Stereo S U3
  • Persee
  • Astra
  • Astra S
  • Astra Pro
  • Astra Mini
  • Astra Mini S

but then on the product page of the Astra+ it says SDK: Orbbec SDK

if you need this for a commercial project, we’ll be happy to talk with you about custom development. please get in touch via

ok ok in deed, that’s confusing
Thanks you for everything joreg, we will contact the devvvs crews if we decide to pursued in that direction…
By the way, congrats for the vvvv gamma !! its getting really great!!

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