AsString (Value) Subtype Bug

Hi All

I have discovered that AsString (Value) has a strange behavior when inputting a spread with values that need to be converted into strings, but differently.

if I have a spread of two slices, where the first is integer and the second is float and I want to convert them into strings formatted as integers and real. then the first one is correctly shown as integer and the second one is displayed as real, but it seems that the value is rounded to the nearest integer value.

see attached patch.


AsstringSubtypeBug.v4p (6.0 kB)

and once again, I am on beta24.1

Just found this before posting my own bug report. This is marked as fixed for beta25, but I don’t think it has been fixed completely!? I am on 30.2 x64 and when set to integer AsString is still very buggy. Connect a stopwatch to it and it will a) not be converted to an integer and b) only update once a second. LFO updates twice a second.

When set to Real none of these problems occur. Why is AsString set to integer by default anyways? Isn’t everything else always set to Real by default??


yes pretty weird behavior, but the default is real not integer.
FormatValue (String) is the better choice for integer values… i never use AsString…

we cannot reopen this bug… please file a new bug report with a test patch.