AsString(Object) seems to have UTF-8 encoding issue

Hi everyone,

I’m having a problem with the AsString(Object) Node. The & symbol is displayed as &amp ; after conversion, see screenshot below.

hei vabio,

what you’re seeing is correct behavior. it has nothing to do with utf8 but with the fact that & is an illegal character in xml. therefore it is encoded as & this is not a vvvv-thing but official xml standard. where do you feel this is causing problems for you?

hej joreg,
all right thanks, that explains a lot. i changed the topic from bug to question.

I’m parsing a XML with XPath and the URLs I’m getting from this XML include &-characters. Since the initial format I’m getting from the API I am using is JSON, the new approach would be to skip the conversion and use JSONPath or this plugin. Will also try if GetElement will do the job.

hm…still not entirely sure what you’re doing and i have the suspicion that there’d be an easy solution if you showed us exactly what you want to do.

the solution may include Decode (String HTML). check its helppatch!

Basically I’m converting JSON to XElement to String and I had issues wirth the illegal characters. But Decode (HTML) is doing the job, thanks joreg.

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