Assimp object transforms?

I am having an issue where scenes imported from Blender have all the meshes centered at 0,0,0 and not properly scaled/rotated. This happens with several of the possible export formats.

For example, if a mesh was created in Blender by taking a cube and transforming it into a wall, when saved out and imported into vvvv via the Assimp nodes, I just get the default 2M cube at 0,0,0. The transform is needed to make it the right shape and place.

The DAE-specific nodes have a Transform output pin that can be used to properly transform each mesh. I do not see any equivalent with the Assimp nodes.

Any idea how to make this work? Thanks!

Try woei’s SceneGraph.

Yo @bjoern, thank you! I’ve been meaning to check that out, works perfect.

Don’t forget to buy a license ;)

Ah, turns out there is the SceneExplorer (Assimp) node, which gives the world transform of each mesh (and nothing else, not sure why it is so named). So that is a simpler method of fixing my Assimp-based patches, but SceneGraph does look to be the way to go for new patches.