AsSharedTexture & Renderer Temptarget


i send a sharedTexture from one instance to another.

this works fine* when the AsSharedTexture (DX11.Texture 2D) is connected to a common Renderer (DX11) it does not, if the texturesource is a Renderer (DX11 TempTarget)

i inspected both textures with Info (DX11.Texture 2D) and found no difference. (i’ve set the same texture format)

the bad thing is, that there’s no possibility to set the backbuffer dimensions for the Renderer (DX11)

thanks for tips, ideas or fixes!

fine = sometimes i have to reset the AsSharedTexture (DX11.Texture 2D)

it doesn’t work either, when there’s a TFX inbetween, while a TFX between Renderer (DX11) and AsSharedTexture (DX11.Texture 2D) does work indeed.

at least the resetting could be related to

investigating a bit more…

attached is a demo setup: copz the folder in the vvvv-directory and start the batch inside. perhaps you’ll find more strange behaviours than i did.


  • if the pointer is a positive value, it doesn’t work
  • sometimes i get in a state, where the ointer is always “0” and it will not work again (e.g. trying to alt+Rclock the assharedtexture node).
  • those problems seem to become worse in a more complicated patch

p.s.: i tried with b31x86 and appropriate dx11-pack.

sharedTester.7z (3.9 kB)

the pointer = 0 problem happens mostly on x64 versions, i think

sebl i think one major problem is that the output of AsSharedTexture still has to be set to uint as i pointed out here.

ai, i’ll check that.
though, i think it’ll only solve one part of the problem. the pointer=0 thing will still remain.

this problem still remains with the newest dx11 x64 version.

the pointer is 0 almost all the time.
if you reload (alt + rightclick) the AsSharedTexture node alot sometimes there is a valid pointer.

here is the solution that works in 32 and 64bit versions of dx11: