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Hello Guys,

is there a module , plug,routine or similar for missing files checker.

Imagine you get a project in v4 and some patches did not save files as relative path.

it would be nice to get a list of the missing files and in which patches or subpatches this is happening.

is there some sort of s node that can store spread strings in the same tag dinamicly in case a file is missing,
so you can get a spread list of what is missing and where.

here just an example starting idea but probably this is best to do internally in v4.

cheersAsset Checker (File).v4p (7.3 KB)

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Getting back to this topic,

what will be the way as to save all values coming out from those pins in a sort of smart S node ,that can collect all values from same pins from different subpatches in a clean way and handle them as one final value or values in a S node style.

will from @velcrome be usufell for this ?

The main two purpose of this is to know when all assets are ready and do further action evaluate divaluate , load patches subpatches in steps…

Quickly find out what assets are missing from a given patch so to fix very fast the missing paths or find corresponding assets.

Asset Checker (File).v4p (12.7 KB)

Hi , here an example to explain better the idea of global s r node for this scenario. (6.5 KB)

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