AsRaw (DX11..) is not equal to AsRaw (DX9)

using the same texture intto the AsRaw nodes in DX11 and DX9 flavour does not give the same output, shouldn’t it do that?

see patch (55.5 KB)

and to compare, using a DX11 camera into AsRaw does not work with the QR code reader:

Confirm. I tried to use QR code contribution with DX11 VideoIn and AsRaw but seems that nothing goes out from AsRaw.

hi sune

right, the output is different. i also discovered that back then…

the general point is, that the dx11 node simply calls SlimDX.Direct3D11.TExture2D.ToStream() and lives with the result.
so, it looks like we have to either live with that result or develop our own dx-texture to stream converter.

the “complete” code of that node is essentially:
Texture2D.ToStream(this.AssignedContext.CurrentDeviceContext, this.FTextureIn[i][this.AssignedContext].Resource, this.FInFormat[i], FStreamOut[i]);

i checked again, that - when written to disk with writer (raw) - both bytearrays produce valid files. So my guess is, that vvvvs dx9 implementation (which probably also calls a similar function for dx9-textures) simply differs from the slimdx implementation. think of the plenty of options to generate a jpeg/png/bmp/dds file.

i also compared the bytecount for the differences and had different results.

  • bmp looks almost identical. only 2 bytes different in length. though the content differs hard
  • jpg, png and dds differ quite a bit, but that can simply declared with different compression-strength.or format-options

p.s.: tats all just guesses. i didn’t had a look at the underlying sourcecode from slimdx and compared that to the dx9 pendant…i guess that’s the way one has to go to clearify things.

p.p.s.: i didn’t get the issue concerning the zxing QR code reader??

Regarding the zxing qr reader, that is how the difference between dx9 and dx11 raw wad discovered. Take the example from zxing reader contribution and replace the dx9 video in and asraw with the dx11 versions and the QR code reader stops working.

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