Aspect Ratio

How does aspect ratio work?

The Aspect Ratio Correction Mode input on QuadRenderer has no effect.

Maybe it is just me thinking too flat for gamma

oh and why is the QuadRenderer in the advanced category.

Yo Su,
Have you checked the “HowTo Quad with AspectRatio of a Texture” ?

No, but I would like the quad to be a square in the renderer, just plain square. no texture involved

EDIT: just did. I need WithinCommonSpace

@sunep The patch that I posted in the other thread also contains a QuadRenderer that doesn’t do ApectRatio correction at all.

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@bjoern cool.
just wondering if the little green edge when setting scaling to 1 and the window size has certain dimensions is an error.

most likely :)
As a workaround (if you don’t scale) set the Address Mode to Clamp.

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