Asking for some advice, where to start etc

Hello vvvv Community,

Since I saw a live performance of vvvv,
i feel the need to create my own visuals,
problem is, i don’t have any informatic background.
I just did some video editing, but i want to create something own.
I’m eager to learn and so i would be glad for evry advice you could give me.

I want to do:

  • synchronised live visuals for music,
  • some interactive kinect stuff

I’m looking for:

  • helpfull tutorials
  • tips where to start
  • additional software and hardware

I know it wont be easy but damn I’m just too motivated



Well, for starters there are @Westbam’s tutorials; here’s the first one:

… have a look through the Girlpower folder. Lotsa nice examples there.
And here: parasitic-design-a-vvvv-beginners-cookbook
If you’re looking into vjing, getting a small midi controller might be a good idea.

As for learning in general, set yourself some small tasks. Like, take a Segment (DX9) and try to make a clock. And then some more.

Have fun!

Thanks Man!