Asio and latency problem

hello community;
i am aiming to reduce latency on fft analysis of a line-in. i just switched from directshow to bass audio-in, but i am getting an unexpected larger latency than with dshow…
here is what i use: winxp32, beta26, onboard via hd audio, asio4all 2.10
thaks for any hints

ps changing latency/buffer settings in asio4all control window doesnt seem to change anything

trying now with maudio conectiv to get mic input into fft(bass) and im getting the same weird 1 second lattency as reported before.
tested on win64, beta27.2

can you compare latancy with other software like a DAW? or try changing driver settings (just some fuzzy help)

i get latency in the bass fft and channel data nodes, in rms there is none.
in the attached patch i can see the rms quad scaling in realtime, while the fft quads react almost one second later.

@tekcor: no latency in other software; for changing driver settings i have tried the maudio and the asio control panels, are there other settings ?

asiotest.v4p (13.0 kB)

what, if you use latest 27.2?

first post is 6 months ago
latest report is 27.2
can someone confirm that events from RMS and FFT happen at once on their computers ?

just tested on one more computer (win64, i7, beta27.2, maudio conectiv), wich brings the number of computers to three. same results:
fft and channel data in bass are unusable due to 1 second delay
rms in bass works as expected

also tried to:
disable onboard sound, tweek asio paramenters, tweek maudio control panel

what is unclear to me and could be related:
audioout(bass) vs audioout(bass asio), mixer node ?


I’m having issues getting the BASS nodes to work at all!

It doesn’t seem like there’s much knowledge about the audio side in VVVV, which is a shame as one of it’s main strengths is meant to be realtime AV…

Vux, help! (:)


I’m just looking into this with Vux.

See audioin-(bass-asio)-not-receiving#comment-97521

bumping this issue with a new report:
audioin (bass asio) still seems unusable (very delayed), with a steinberg ur22 on beta33.
tried with propietary drivers and with asio4all

at this point, if anyone is using audioin (bass asio) for realtime audio analysis, please drop a message
(or if you are using practical workarounds with dshow9 fft that allow it to work in stressy situations)

how about using the audio pack instead?

note that the VAudio FFT outputs the data in complex numbers, use a vector 2d split and Abs (Complex) to get the power per frequency.