Aruduino VVVV connection

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i connected aruduino to controll video with using VVVV.
the idea is very simple if sensor feels something, arduino reacts to give a pin as “button” through usb port to VVVV.

now my problem is arduino gives some signals to “RS232”, but it is like
i understood conection is okay, but output of RS232 give only strange numbers. (COM port is ok, baud rate is ok…)

how can i take simple number or text from arduino to VVVV?
thank you for your cooperation.

I did something like that in this tutorial: arduino-to-vvvv-a-paper-touch-interface
Short story: make your code send out a string to the comport, and read that string in vvvv.

Without knowing what you are doing, I can’t tell where it goes wrong, but perhaps check the helpfile for the Tokenizer (String).

Hello takiscope,

also check the examples in your

hi takiscope,

as @robotanton)) mentioned, take a look at the arduino help-patch and examples. if you are using the raw approach like ((user:westbam suggested, you do not need any string(text) mangeling, just make sure you use ^code:


in your Arduino code to send on/off. This you can decode into a numerical value in your patch with AsValue (Raw). But i recommend the approach using Firmata and the Arduino node for more flexibility how to deal with the sensor values.

best! jens