Artoolkit transform nervousness and .pat files implementation?

Hi , how is it going ¡¡

I was trying these days Artoolkit again and wanted to get the rotations from the plane pattern as if it was an acelerometer .

After trying to clean the values by selecting right Id , trying diferent smoothers , like transient from kalle and some other things .
i still get and sort of ciclyng big jump in the values .

i can use the pattern and the 3d trasnformation and works nervous but ok
but when trying to extract the trasnformations via decompose i see the rotations and scales jumping from positive to negative values which makes them very dificult to stabilize , it does not do it in the translate values or at least not that bad , maybe because values are much bigger.

tried as well mainloop to filter to steady fps

i also used some filtering using framedifference so when big jump not let go , but still not good enouhg .

is there any trasnformation trick to stabilize that or it is a bug ?

also do you guys have any thouhgt of implementing the pat files ? It would be great .

bests and thx ;D