Ive been patching recently and tried to go direct into a “home brew” physical artnet node and it would not opperate with vvvv although will quite happly using pandora media server by coolux. Is there some kind of call and response going on with the artnet node in vvvv. i.e will vvvv only recognise a genuine artnet node by Artistic Licence?



you know that vvvv counts the subnets and universes from 0 to 15 instead of 1 to 16?

Hi Kalle, yeah, I know about that one, we tried different universes too.Theres something on the Coolux site about needing to upgrade Pandora to work with the new firmware of the artnet nodes which I’ve just been informed of. I’m going to have a look today.


no, the artnet nodes are supposed to work with all kind of artnet devices. it tries to follow the specs, but obviously there are things which might go wrong. i never heard of any problems though.

with a tool like etherreal you could analyse the difference in the communication between your hardware and vvvv and your hardware and the coolux server. this might get some additional insight.