Can anybody explain the ArtNet Node for me?

How to send RGB values fE.?

in the Help Patch they just send a Spread.

I wrote a patch with pipet and get now Colors.

As i understand I can send a stream to a Universe, where a LED-strip get value after Value. But what what value?



It varies a bit from LED strip to LED strip, typically they are RGB (other times BGR) or any combination thereof.

So assuming that the LEDs are RGB, your first slice is the Red component of the first pixel, the next slice the Green component of the first pixel, the next slice is the Blue component of the first pixel and the next slice is the Red component of the second pixel and so on.

All this assumes that you have set your LED controller so that the pixels start from the first DMX channel.

then there is of course pixel mapping and and all that, but if you stick with one DMX universe (512 channels) it is this straight forward.

see attached patch: ColorsViaArtNet.v4p (10.5 KB)


Ok, first modul with 32 strips à 63 LED solidered and connected with contoller. Now we got 12 universes with 504 Leds, (2,7 strips) this is setup by the Controller Inferface. The Problem now is i connect a I Spread 0-12 to the Universes, verything is working but each universes all get the same data. ArtNet-in is getting 6048 values, but i think for each unviverse there is an Instant which copys the same data. Is there an proper hack or should i do an Artnet node for each unvierse with its data?



you need to tell the node the bin size for each universe:

504 LEDs x 3 RGB Values = 1512 = BinSize as I understand…

thx for help! (bow)

(will check that in the evening…)

no, it will be bin size 504 since you an only have a maximum of 512 channels per universe.
This is under the assumption that the controller will use 3 universes per strip so the same pixel is receiving on the same channel on each of the three universes.
if not, then try just setting bin size to 512

…of course, license will be orderd soon, thx!

Phase 2: Daisychain the controllers… done so far, but it seems, the ARTNET sender ignores 24-36 Universe, Ip Works so far… (on universe 0, have enough data for 36 Universe (504 each) )
Have i to use a ARTNET sender per IP? …Bin-size for IP spreads?

Any advices?


oui, the ArtNet way of addressing is: 128 Nets with each 16 Subnets with each 16 Universes. thats what you have the Net, Subnet, Universe inputs on the node for. and yes IP and Ports can be spreaded as well and correspond to one input-bin each, so no need to create multiple ArtNet nodes.

@kalle @MSBERGER would still appreciate input from your end regarding that addressing vs. universes only as discussed here.

How to use the nets and subnets?


I made this arrangement to work with this one:

EDIT: I didn’t need to work with multiple nets, so it only change the numbering from subnets and universes to just universes from 0 to 255

We send to universes to ARTNet sender, each for IP, getSpreads to split screen. Universes are the same for each controller…





grande! can you share the patch where the data goes into the artnet node? curious to see that…

YI will! We opened yesterday! Everything works fine. Here is my TouchOSC layouts which makes this every handy to have fun with the installation while dancing. (You who know the editor, will forgive me, quick and dirty for myself) …post a short Story about Artnet and DigiDOT C4 feeded by vvvv in the evening, now I enjoy my good feeling about 2 Month of hard work. My first well payed vvv job! … Will be in the club tonight… … I have to see what I have done actually… :) ( I worked there to the last minute to open)

TouchOSC Layout
Page 2 is all visuals with some controls and the Bar, which we Send wifi to the controller what is lag and still beta at Controller. Will take a while to get Alpha… :) but for slow fades it’s useable. On the roof, our liquidceiling we did per Ethernet.

Patch coming soon, have to modify it for good use. 2 universes had been soiled the wrong way so I reversed vertical and horenzontal them in vvvv. … maybe I should let this in by side, it is interesting. I had performance problems at first because I used to much audio FTT nodes and Signal was to loud than it skips the reversion… vvvv refused to use audio input, had to restart vvvv.Now I use one FTt at Framerate split it to subnodes. The many FFTs where for better developing, for got that to globalize them and while developing there had never such a peak at audioin.
Will make a gain control in the App.

This a question, does a node in the upper left corner gets more priority? …because I did so, there was something in my head about this, and It seams to work better… … when I have this performance trouble.

We found Choco and where happy that vvvv is in it. It is somehow perfect to resetup an insecure desktop PC in the DJ booth … and pulling our repo. (The computer has a serverrack but you never know and I love live patching while party’s! …maybe I will install a fingerprint secure system…) We are thinking about that a little, Data Images will do the basic backup, to reboot with a USB drive in case, to set it up as clean as possible per scripts. In Git is my trust.

Thx for to you all for support.

Work was fun like always to get dreams come true with vvvv!



I did it for you from scratch, joreg! Was less work, and I will never forget that what i have done! The C4 DigiDOT controllers are great products. It was fun to work with. Proper webinterface… …as i mentioned, WiFi is still beta. Its hard to get them connected and I never got into the interface per WiFi IP.

liquidceiling_sample.v4p (220.0 KB)



PS: It would work with one Artnetnode which allows more than 16 universes send to all IPs in a Spread … split the universes on contoller. The DigiDOTs have a very nice autoconfig for that.

quck tip, some dmx nodes can give you some delay problems, mainloop at 44 or30 fps can fix that, dmx should be arround 44hz

as mentioned above it actually does handle more than 16 universes. sunep even posted an example of how you have to use the Subnets input.

and i don’t get your spreading: on one node you have 12 universes of 504 channels each which should make an input-spread of 12x504=6048 slices. but your input-spread is 6804 slices…that doesn’t make sense, ie slices 6049 to 6804 are overwriting slices 0 to 755 which should lead to unexpected behavior in universes 0 and 1.

6048 I remember… did it with this. Will improve it any way, glad it’s up and running. Checked out VL and will try the subnets with other controller config, stay tuned…

follow here ArtNet VL Plugin

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