Artnet WYSIWYG / dmx visualizer

Hi, i have been usind vvvv for dmx with artnet interfaces
and to program the ligths im using a simple 3drender with a box and a cone to simulate the dmx fixture position, color, shutter, ect… its quite simple, but it works

a few days ago i saw the grandma on pc visualizer, and the WYSIWYG from Cast software… that can be simulated in vvvv for sure, but my question is,
do you guys knnow any freeware software to simulate dmx ligth with a artnet imput ? ( the idea is to program in vvvv and to render a preview on another pc with any kind of WYSIWYG software )

if not, i will continue improving my vvvv render

and on the other hand, do you guys know any freeware software to send artnet data to control fixtures. like freestyler ?