Artnet sending multiple universes (spreadable artnet sender)

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I’m using vvvv beta to control light installations since many years and now wanted to check out vvvv gamma with a small example: Sipmle pixelmapping using the pipet function and sending the color values via artnet. As in pixel based installations the amount of artnet universes is often more than one I used in vvvv beta the ArtNet (Network Sender) and giving the universe pin a list of the universes to send to. So I can have one output node for each IP I’m sending to.
In vvvv gamma I just found the ArtNet (Sender) node which seems not to be capable of having a spread as an input for the universe pin. Is there any other option that I didn’t find to send multiple universes with one node?

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If I remember correctly, there were nodes in Beta that automatically split into universes, right?

Would you consider creating your own nodes for your tasks? Or copy what was in beta?

Artnet Nodes

if you have “browsable packages” enabled:



In general, it is likely that the usability of these nodes was provided by the Spreads behavior. It may not be as convenient, but with the ForEach region you will achieve the same results.

The repeat is how many universes per IP address, the Get Range is has a mutable list (a weird kind of spread, that is more performative, and is there as elsewhere I am getting various different fixture types into one huge array of dmx values, it could be a get spread for simple mappings, or you can look at spread builder and mutable arrays when things get heavy)
This repeat region is in a for each, for each IP address of artnet controllers too…

@507nm please see the updated VL.IO.ArtNet 2.0.0-pre pack for a reworked node-set that should have all the flexibility you’re looking for.

Does anyone know if Artnet 3 has been implimented in VVVV? or is it still artnet 2 (ie universe limitation of 256)?

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there is no limitation in universes that i know of.