Artnet problem


Got a strange behaviour from Artnet :
I often use the Artnet sender with many devices (Enttec…).
But I need to use it with a specific controller this time.
This controller works perfectly with Artnet from Resolume, Madrix, Mad Mapper and the DMX (Network Artnet Sender) node of Beta 42x64

But I can’t send with Artnet sender of Gamma 4.0-0618 or with the VL Artnet sender of Beta 42x64.

If someone has any hints to help me.

Thank you vvvvery much



any information on this specific controller? did you try monitoring artnet with ArtNetominator or Luminet Monitor to see if something differs when you send the data from vvvv/Resolume?

ArtNetominator doesn’t see my datas. Oo
I controled my Enttec OpenDMX yesterday with Gamma.

I have been playing with the Artnet sender on some of the latest previews to send data (locally at least) to a light visualizer and it was working fine here.

Out of curiosity, aren’t you using a controller that strictly forces you to use a IP adress as per the official specification? which is usually not the range we are used to use on our machines…

TremensS : I tried several IP range it’s not the issue.

In fact the problem is : With the Artnet node, the Destination port is 6454 (following the pin of the node) but the Source Port seems to be random (62849 on my last scan).
The DMX node of Beta 42 have 6454 for both ports, Resolume : the same.
And, in this case the UC well receive the datas.

Is there a way to fix that ?

Thank you

i’m afraid this could be due to the reason that the current art-net implementation is rather minimal. e.g. it doesn’t reply to ArtPoll requests which could mean that some devices simply ignore it.

absolutely. i’ll report here when we have something to test.

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Thank you !

Follow-up : we quickly had a look with @lestudiodynamic and it turns out that manually setting the port to 6454 inside UdpClient (Reactive) (inside the ArtNet sender node) and binding the UDPSocket bellow it made the trick.

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interesting. no idea what difference that would make, but good to hear…

Sorry, I meant the IPEndpoint node. By default it’s set to 0. Maybe the ArtNet device is picky and rejects frames that do not originate from the 6454 port?

yes that must be it.

can you please give the VL.IO.ArtNet v1.0.1 a shot?


Sorry, didn’t have time to test the Artnetv1.0.1.
It seems to be ok (both ports on 6454).
Artnetominator see the sending now.
I’ll confirm you asap wen i’ll have the time to test it with the led controler.

Thank you very much !

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